Farrar’s Career And Biking Style

There is much depending on Tyler Farrar and his team as they start off the Tour of California and have the Tour de France coming up as well.

Farrar started to race at the age of thirteen when he rode for a clothing company that acted as his sponsor in the year 2003. Since then his professional cycling career has been consistent and every year he has had different sponsors egging him on. He has not been without his share of misfortunes like the crash he suffered near the finish line in Circuit de la Sarthe in April 2006. This causes him a broken collarbone that year. His achievements have been several, such as stages that he has won four races like Vuelta a Espana, Giro d’Italia, Tour de France and others including USA Pro Cycling Challenge. He even wore the yellow jersey for the Tour of California in 2008 when he won sprint points in stage two.

This will certainly be a reminder for him at the Tour of California is about to begin this year. There is more on his shoulders this year as the team depends on him to make up for the absence of Mark Cavendish. However the team has also obtained new team members for the Classics squad that should help level out the challenges in different stages.

Farrar’s popularity is in Flanders and he is a resident of Ghent in Belgium currently. Farrar has had several crashes in his career, as many as eighteen times in the period between 2013 and 2014. In fact, it is rumored that he has the reputation to cause crashes or be implicated in many. Many state that it is because of his tactics that are often uncoordinated or reckless though Farrar states that these are merely because of the mode of modern cycling races.