After spending six years of her career with the Tonkoff organization, Rafal Majka has decided to join the Bora-Hansgrohe team for the incoming 2017 season.

The new comer at the team has decided to shift his focus from the Giro d Italia to a GC bid at the tour de France.

With his new arrival at Hansgrohe, Majka seems to have become the top climber in the team. His presence at the team will be very good for his career, as the team will have quite a lot of opportunities to perform at the world tour stage as it has gotten a bump to the highest division in cycling.

After finishing fifth this year, the Polish rider had decided to aim at the Giro d’Italia again in the next season. The 29-year old has said in an interview in the Bora team camp in Valencia that he was redirecting his focus, and that he has decided to use ‘a try everything technique’ in his career. He plans to set his sights on other races and not just the Giro

Majka has put plans into motions to try his hand at the next tour de France GC and is considering a possible participation in the Vuelta a Espana.

“I want to try the tour de France. I’ve never done GC in the tour. I did it in the Giro and the Vuelta. In both, I’ve finished top five. Now I need to try doing the tour because when you never try, you never know,” he said.

He said that he had won the Polka dot jersey twice at the Tour de France and that he wants to take a bigger step and try himself at the GC. Majka who is the reigning king of the mountains at the tour admitted that it will be a tough task aiming for the yellow jersey and considers the current champion – Chris Froome to be a tough rider. However, he added that he was not discouraged as he plans to give it his all.